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ALPP A is a domestic coalition of large diameter line pipe manufacturers. Together, its members account for the vast majority of large diameter line pipe production (above 16") in the United States. ALPPA's members produce line pipe for a variety of U.S. national security applications, including for oil, gas, chemical, water, and slurry pipelines. They also produce steel products for U.S. strategic defense, including for steel bridges and munitions.

Our Mission

The American Line Pipe Producers Association (ALPPA) is a coalition of energy line pipe manufacturers concentrating on the large diameter (greater than 16-inch) segment of the market.   We exist to support the development and strengthening of the American large diameter energy pipeline infrastructure and to promote the use of steel line pipe manufactured in the United States.   We support fair trade, and will oppose foreign producers and importers who violate or ignore U.S. trade and customs laws and international trade rules.

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